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Giropoma’s 7 apple varieties: properties and benefits

Giropoma faces the final stretch of the 2022 harvest, which will end in early December with the Joya variety. Despite the difficulties in coloring some of the varieties due to this year’s hot weather, the harvest will be characterized by good apples, with an optimum level of sweetness and high quality.

The apple producing and marketing company kicked off the 2022 harvest at the beginning of August with the Gala variety, followed by Golden and Red Delicious during the month of September. In October, it was the turn of Granny Smith and Fuji, followed by the Cripps Pink variety marketed under the brand name Pink Lady® in November and Joya at the end of the same month and beginning of the following month.

These are the main characteristics of our varieties:

– Gala: red striated apple on a creamy yellow background. It is crunchy, sweet and has an acid point that gives it a very good taste balance.

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– Golden: soft-skinned apple with a greenish-yellow color. It is crunchy, sweet, with very little acidity and white flesh.

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– Red Delicious: deep red apple, usually of large caliber. It has a whitish flesh, sweet flavor and is very aromatic.

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– Granny Smith: deep green apple, very round with whitish lenticels. It is crunchy, has a whitish flesh and a very characteristic acid taste.

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– Fuji: light red apple on a green-yellow background. It is very sweet, crunchy and juicy.

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– Pink Lady® (Cripps Pink variety): apple that stands out for its bicolor tone between reddish pink and pale green. It is crunchy, juicy and combines sweetness and acidity in a balanced way.

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– Joya: an apple with an intense red color. It is crunchy, sweet and with a touch of acidity.

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Each of the varieties with its own characteristics, apples can be considered the queen of all fruits. They are an indispensable part of a natural and healthy diet and are balanced and nutritious.

They help prevent cardiovascular problems and inflammatory diseases, as well as helping to digest the fats we consume. They provide a large amount of fiber that helps the digestive system to function properly, are rich in vitamins and minerals and have antioxidant and vitalizing properties.