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Giropoma starts up a new robotic line for the selection and packaging of its apples

For Giropoma, technology and innovation have always been key elements to remain competitive in the market. In this sense, the company has made a new commitment and has launched a new robotic line for the selection and triage of apples, as well as for their automatic packaging.

Speed is one of the main benefits of this new robotic line, since it has a packing capacity twice as fast as the lines currently available to the apple producer and marketer, and is capable of packing up to 5,000 kilos of fruit per hour.

Technology also plays a key role in terms of benefits, because with this, the machine is able to select and separate apples into three categories: category I, which includes the fruit that goes directly to the packaging robots; category II, which includes fruit that is packaged in bulk, and that has some skin defect; and category III, which collects the fruit that has more serious defects or bruises, and that is destined for the industry to produce juices, compotes and other derivatives. This selection is possible thanks to a set of cameras that analyze 100% of the apple’s surface and, by means of a series of 30 photographs, detect any skin defects or bruises through the dual-sensor technology of each camera. In addition, it also has a second scanner for the detection of internal defects.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the robotic section of the machine, which, by means of another series of cameras, is capable of facing, orienting and placing each piece inside the cavity or inside the box as smoothly as possible, thus completing the apple selection and packaging process.

Thus, this robotized line has a total of 72 sets of cameras, of different types, which allow the automation of the entire sorting and packaging process thanks to the management of an important computerized equipment that manages the entire procedure.

“Despite this complexity, the machine can be controlled intuitively and easily from its control center, where the entire process can be controlled in real time through a series of screens,” shares Eduard Borrell, Maintenance Manager at Giropoma.

Technology has always been a big bet for Giropoma. Innovation is part of the company’s DNA and, therefore, it is key to mechanize and automate processes as much as possible.