The Giropoma production area, the ideal environment for apple tree growing

Girona is a land of apples. And the fact is that apples have always been deeply rooted in the area, crops that since ancient times have occupied much of the fields of our territory. As a result of this tradition, and with the aim of offering a quality product, Giropoma is part of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Poma de Girona.

The PGI is, according to the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (DACC), the “name that identifies a product originating from a specific place, region or country, which has a specific quality, reputation or other characteristic that can essentially be attributed to its geographical origin, and of which at least one of its production, processing or preparation stages is carried out in the defined geographical area”.

In 2003, the European Union approved the application to obtain the Poma de Girona PGI seal, which provides greater international recognition, more differentiation of the product, evidence of its quality, strengthens the link between the product and the territory and requires compliance with production and certification standards.

 The environment, soil and climate, key to apple growing

The Giropoma production area is characterized by a great variety of relief, with soils with fluvial materials and good drainage and surrounded by sea and mountains.

In addition, the Mediterranean climate, with mild, cool temperatures and a significant temperature differential between day and night, as well as the humidity and sunshine at the end of summer, allow the fruit to have good coloration and a high sugar content.

Thus, Giropoma apples produced by 29 producers on farms in the Alt and Baix Empordà, surrounded by the Natural Parks of Aiguamolls de l’Emporà and Montgrí, the Medes Islands and Baix Ter, meet the characteristics of the most demanding production standards, such as Integrated Production of Catalonia and GLOBALG.A.P. worldwide.

Innovation, research and visualization, three essential pillars

As mentioned above, Giropoma cultivates following the principles of integrated production, an agricultural production model of high quality food that uses natural methods and means of regulation, respectful of the environment and human health, and that guarantees sustainable agriculture in the long term.

In this sense, innovation has always been part of Giropoma’s DNA. One of the main actions to contribute to this environmental protection is the irrigation system based on soil moisture sensors implemented in the fields. This is a network of sensors distributed throughout the productive area which, through the data extracted and a climate forecast, allow irrigation recommendations to be given to growers, in order to be more efficient and rational, and thus achieve considerable water savings.

Visibility is also one of Giropoma’s work actions. An example of these efforts to make itself known and consolidate the brand as a benchmark in the fruit sector is the participation in fairs and events such as Fruit Attraction held annually in Madrid or Fruit Logistica in Berlin; the collaboration with organizations and projects in the area by providing apples; and the dissemination of recipes to promote the Mediterranean diet, among others.

Fruit Logistica

Giropoma’s goal is to offer healthy and high quality apples, always following the values that define the company: the defense of the territory and the rural environment, respect for the environment, proximity, commitment and commitment to people.