Pink Lady

The Pink Lady®, a successful variety developed under the Club formula

The Pink Lady® apple was born in 1973 in Australia, and it was not until 1994 – 1995 that the first trees of this variety were planted in Europe, more precisely in France. In 1997, nursery owners, growers and distributors joined forces to create the Pink Lady® Europe association, and in 1998-1999, Spanish and Italian growers joined the Pink Lady® adventure.

Pink Lady® is the trade name and registered trademark of the Cripps Pink variety, a variety that has been developed under the Club umbrella, which means that it must meet specific quality and packaging standards, is produced and marketed by a limited number of growers and distributors, of which Giropoma is a member, and has to follow specific practices committed to the environment.

The Pink Lady® is an apple that stands out for its bicolor tone between reddish pink and pale green. It has a thin skin and a very aromatic cream-colored flesh, with a crunchy and juicy texture and a medium to large size. In terms of flavor, it combines very balanced sweetness with acidity. Its development is fast, especially with strong thermal differentials between day and night, and its optimum harvest time is November.


It is an ideal apple for eating fresh, making juices and is widely used in salads and to accompany meat and fish.