Fresh, intense and versatile, that’s Joya®

In the world of fruit, few things rival the juiciness and taste of a good apple. And when it comes to an exceptional apple, Joya® stands out as one of the most desirable varieties for its taste balance, crisp texture and vibrant red color. It is the result of decades of careful cultivation and selection, which has resulted in a superior quality fruit that attracts apple lovers around the world.

La Joya® is the registered trademark and trade name for the Cripps Red variety. It is a variety developed under the Club umbrella, which means that it has to meet high quality and packaging standards, it is produced and marketed by a limited number of growers and distributors, of which Giropoma is part, and it has to follow specific and environmentally committed practices.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Joya® is its intense red color on a yellowish-green background. It stands out for its sweetness and its powerful acidic touch, making it the ideal combination for consumption in good weather. A firm, crunchy and juicy apple that is harvested between November and December and can be found until the end of July.


Its properties and attributes make it a perfect choice both for fresh food and for inclusion in countless recipes, from salads, to accompany meat and fish, to desserts.

It provides water, minerals and vitamin C that your body needs to face the day with energy, an essential option for a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.