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Giropoma collaborates once again this year in the solidarity initiative Gala Pro Baix Ter 2023

For the third consecutive year, Giropoma has collaborated in the organization of the III Gala Pro Baix Ter 2023, together with the Auditorium Theater Espai Ter (Torroella de Montgrí), which took place last Saturday September 30 at its facilities. It is a solidarity initiative that aims to support and raise funds for projects of social interest, as well as contribute to improving the quality of life of people and the landscape of the Baix Ter. This third edition has been dedicated to raise funds for the Associations of Families of Students of the 7 schools of kindergarten and primary education of the Baix Ter.

Each of the schools will use the proceeds to carry out improvement projects in their centers. In the case of AFA Guillem de Montgrí, will label the vegetation of the playground; AFA San Gabriel, will incorporate an awning for sun protection; AFA Portitxol, will invest it in psychomotor material; AFA Puig Redondo, will expand the library material and carry out improvements to the playground; AFA Lo Rejaret, will invest it in the playground project; AFA La Rama, will invest it in the realization of an inclusive playground; and AFA Francesc Cambó, will invest it in the library project.

The celebration began at 5:30 pm with the I Festival of the AFA of Baix Ter, an open day where each school proposed various workshops and activities outside the auditorium, and solidarity apples of Giropoma could be purchased.

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From 8:00 pm, the gala continued inside with the musical proposal “Women of Rock”. A review of the history of rock from the female side, where we could see how women have had a much more relevant role than the great pop artists. “The Women of Rock” showed us all styles, eras and geographies, from the blues of the 40s to the electronic music of today.


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Antoni Roviras, director of the Auditorium Theater Espai Ter, considers that the III Gala Pro Baix Ter has allowed them to reach the whole territory of Baix Ter through the 7 Associations of Families of Students: “It has been a major organizational challenge, but the assessment we make is very positive, since it has demonstrated the usefulness of the event to make improvements that benefit the whole of society”.

In addition, Roviras highlights the complicity in the work with the AFA: “It has been a very important learning, which has made us see the work capacity and mobilization of people in the territory of Baix Ter. From the work of the gala a new event has emerged, the I Festival of the AFA of Baix Ter, with the intention of doing it annually and to be a call to strengthen these associations that in a voluntary way work for the improvement of the centers”.

After a first edition in 2021, where the collection was directed to the residences of elderly people, and a second in 2022, where the funds collected were destined to the ADF Montgrí and Puig Segalar, this has been accompanied by very positive results that will be released in full to the Associations of Families of Students of the 7 schools of kindergarten and primary education mentioned above.