Pink Lady®, one of the varieties produced by Giropoma, organizes the initiative ‘Adopt a tree’

On Saturday, November 5, the day ‘Adopt a tree’ took place in Tallada d’Empordà. The Pink Lady® group, promoter of this initiative, organized an outing to one of the fields of Giropoma so that all the people who had previously adopted a Pink Lady® tree, of the Cripps Pink variety, and had followed its evolution throughout the production cycle, could get to know the farms, the producer and harvest their own apples.

The objective of this initiative is to bring the world of agriculture closer to the people, making known the production cycle of apples and how they are harvested, and discovering the process that apples follow from the field to the plate on our tables.

A total of 160 apple trees were harvested by their godfathers and godmothers, taking advantage of the Pink Lady® harvest, which begins at the end of October and lasts throughout November.

Pink Lady® is an apple that stands out for its bicolor tone between reddish pink and pale green, it is crunchy, juicy and combines sweetness and acidity in a balanced way. It contains natural fiber that helps to improve intestinal transit and reduce cholesterol levels, is an antioxidant, provides the daily vitamin C needed by the body and contains 80% of water.

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In addition to this one, Giropoma markets other varieties such as Gala, Golden, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji and Joya, each with its own properties and benefits. Balanced and nutritious, the apple can be considered the queen of all fruits, an indispensable part of a natural and healthy diet. A bet for health and well-being.

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Giropoma participates in Fruit Attraction, the main meeting point for fruit distribution

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Giropoma has participated in the Fruit Attraction 2022 that took place from October 4 to 6 of 2022 in Madrid. This is the reference event of the international fruit and vegetable trade, organized by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX.

Giropoma has been present at the fair since its inception, and since then, it has been an ideal space to strengthen relationships with its customers, create synergies, establish business relationships and share impressions. In the company’s own stand, you could find corporate information and boxes of apples, as well as the company’s manager, Àlex Creixell, and sales representatives, among others.

This successful edition has had more than 1.800 companies from 55 different countries and more than 58.000 m2 of fruit and vegetable supply, which represents an increase of 38% over the last edition, according to data extracted from Fruit Attraction, very positive figures that indicate an increase in interest in the sector.

As for the impact on international participation, the fair has had companies from around the world; France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Colombia, United States, South Korea, Peru, Chile, South Africa, India and Africa.

One of the novelties of this edition was the incorporation of the figure of the Guest Region, which aims to give visibility to different autonomous communities and highlight the diversity of Spanish production. This year, the new figure has been accompanied by Andalusia as Guest Region.

From Giropoma, we face the next edition, which will take place from October 3 to 5, 2023, looking forward to new challenges and new opportunities.

Giropoma collaborates one more year in the charity initiative Gala Pro Baix Ter 2022

For the second consecutive year, Giropoma has collaborated in the organization of the II Gala Pro Baix Ter 2022, together with the Auditori Teatre Espai Ter, which took place last Saturday, September 17 in these facilities. This is a solidarity initiative to support and raise funds for projects of social interest in Baix Ter. This second edition was dedicated to the Montgrí and Puig Segalar Forest Defense Associations, which throughout the year ensure the prevention and extinction of fires in the Montgrí and Baix Ter forests.

From Giropoma, the manager Àlex Creixell considers that initiatives like this demonstrate the link and commitment that the company has with the territory. “The values that define us are the defense of the territory and proximity, that is why, for Giropoma, it is so important to collaborate in the organization of this gala, since it is in line with our raison d’être”, he considers, “it is a pride and a privilege to participate in the Gala, which this year dedicates all the benefits to the ADFs, and contribute to the protection of our surroundings and environment“.

Antoni Roviras, director of the Auditori Teatre Espai Ter, confesses that they are very excited to work with local companies to create cross-cutting projects like this: “We agree with Giropoma as a company with added value, with its social responsibility, with the values it defends that are linked to our peasantry, which has modulated and created the landscape that surrounds us and which has made us and makes us the way we are. Co-organizing this activity is a clear sign that the public sector and private initiative can find common ground and develop projects where the sum generates very important expectations”.

The celebration began with a sample of the activities developed during the year by the Associations of Forest Defense Montgrí and Puig Segalar in front of the Auditori Teatre Espai Ter and where people could collaborate with the purchase of solidarity apples.


The gala continued with the great show ‘Sardanova’, created 25 years ago but renewed and adapted to the present. The show combined copla music with contemporary copla, jazz and rock music, and pop and funk with Santi Arisa and the Lakatans. The dance was accompanied by the Sardanista Continuïtat Agrupation, and the choirs, La Coral Nit de Juny and Els Virolets.

An extraordinary event open to everyone, to enjoy different disciplines of popular culture in the same show. According to Roviras, “the Pro Baix Ter Gala is important because it brings social value to the cultural activity of the facility with a very clear objective: to raise funds to improve the quality of life of the people and the landscape of the Baix Ter“. He adds that the Gala is much more than a cultural activity: “It generates complicity with the territory and culture becomes a tool for transformation. It closes the circle. We are a project aimed at citizens that returns in the form of resources for the improvement of the management of our forests to the citizens in a project that is carried out in the territorial scope of the Baix Ter, where the public of the equipment resides”.

This second edition has been accompanied by very positive results. The amount raised during the II Gala Pro Baix Ter 2022 will be used to purchase a vehicle, in the case of ADF Montgrí, while ADF Puig Segalar will buy a trailer-pump with a capacity of 3,500 liters of water.