One more year, Giropoma joins the solidarity initiative of the Gala Pro Baix Ter, which will take place on May 26th

For the fourth consecutive year, Giropoma, together with the Espai Ter Theater Auditorium, collaborates in the organization of the IV Gala Pro Baix Ter 2024, the solidarity initiative that aims to support organizations that are actively working to improve both the quality of life of people and the landscape in the Baix Ter area.

This fourth edition will be held on Sunday May 26 at the Auditorium Theatre Espai Ter (Torroella de Montgrí). It will be dedicated again to collect funds for the Associations of Families of Students of the 7 nursery and primary schools in the Baix Ter.

The beneficiary schools will be again those of Guillem de Montgrí and San Gabriel de Torroella de Montgrí, Portitxol del Estartit, Puig Redondo de Ullà, El Rajaret de Bellcaire d’Empordà, La Rama de Albons and Francesc Cambó de Verges, which will receive the proceeds to carry out improvement projects in their school environments.

The event will start at 17:00 h with the II Festival of the AFA of Baix Ter, an open day where each school will conduct various workshops and outdoor activities in front of the auditorium. There will also be the opportunity to collaborate by buying apples Giropoma solidarity.

From 6:30 pm, the celebration will continue indoors with the show by Dàmaris Gelabert, with her farewell tour after 25 years on stage, accompanied by The Grow Up Singing Band and a group of young dancers. A review of her extensive career and a reunion with fans who have grown up listening and singing her songs, as well as those who have recently begun to enjoy them. All this accompanied by The Grow Up Singing Band, formed by the children of Dàmaris and Àlex, Leia (Laia Martínez) and Adri (Adrià Martínez), and Gloria (Glòria Maurel) and Julen (Julen Gerrikabeitia). In addition, there will be a dance group made up of Max and Marc, two talented dancers who have demonstrated their ability in shows such as Billy Elliot, along with Yaïza, who at the age of six won her first Danzo World Cup Spain 2019 competition. Also participating will be Clara Martinez, choreographer of the show, and French dancer Gaetan Farnier, both tap specialists.

The price of the Gala is 20 € for general admission and 5 € for children under 12 years, which will go entirely to the Associations of Families of Students of kindergarten and primary schools in the Baix Ter. Tickets are already on sale on the website of the Auditorium Theatre Espai Ter.

Fresh, intense and versatile, that’s Joya®

In the world of fruit, few things rival the juiciness and taste of a good apple. And when it comes to an exceptional apple, Joya® stands out as one of the most desirable varieties for its taste balance, crisp texture and vibrant red color. It is the result of decades of careful cultivation and selection, which has resulted in a superior quality fruit that attracts apple lovers around the world.

La Joya® is the registered trademark and trade name for the Cripps Red variety. It is a variety developed under the Club umbrella, which means that it has to meet high quality and packaging standards, it is produced and marketed by a limited number of growers and distributors, of which Giropoma is part, and it has to follow specific and environmentally committed practices.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Joya® is its intense red color on a yellowish-green background. It stands out for its sweetness and its powerful acidic touch, making it the ideal combination for consumption in good weather. A firm, crunchy and juicy apple that is harvested between November and December and can be found until the end of July.


Its properties and attributes make it a perfect choice both for fresh food and for inclusion in countless recipes, from salads, to accompany meat and fish, to desserts.

It provides water, minerals and vitamin C that your body needs to face the day with energy, an essential option for a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.

The Pink Lady®, a successful variety developed under the Club formula

The Pink Lady® apple was born in 1973 in Australia, and it was not until 1994 – 1995 that the first trees of this variety were planted in Europe, more precisely in France. In 1997, nursery owners, growers and distributors joined forces to create the Pink Lady® Europe association, and in 1998-1999, Spanish and Italian growers joined the Pink Lady® adventure.

Pink Lady® is the trade name and registered trademark of the Cripps Pink variety, a variety that has been developed under the Club umbrella, which means that it must meet specific quality and packaging standards, is produced and marketed by a limited number of growers and distributors, of which Giropoma is a member, and has to follow specific practices committed to the environment.

The Pink Lady® is an apple that stands out for its bicolor tone between reddish pink and pale green. It has a thin skin and a very aromatic cream-colored flesh, with a crunchy and juicy texture and a medium to large size. In terms of flavor, it combines very balanced sweetness with acidity. Its development is fast, especially with strong thermal differentials between day and night, and its optimum harvest time is November.


It is an ideal apple for eating fresh, making juices and is widely used in salads and to accompany meat and fish.