Giropoma attends the 39th Fruit Day organized by the Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology

On Thursday, February 22, 2024, Giropoma attended the 39th Fruit Day, organized annually by the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) at Mas Badia in Tallada d’Empordà. A meeting point to address the challenges and responsibilities that fall on farmers and how to produce food, as well as to learn about various tools to move towards a more efficient and sustainable apple production system.

During the technical day, aspects of plant material, varieties, rootstocks, thinning, harvesting, pests and fungicide treatment management, among others, were discussed. In addition, part of the information presented is the result of the INIA projects “VUMOC” PID2019-109686RR-100, the demonstration activity “DEMO FRUITSCAN” and the Operational Groups SKABKILL and PICKBEST (Operation 16.01.01 of Cooperation for Innovation of the Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2022).

The session was led by Joaquim Carbó and Jaume Lordan, both experts from IRTA, with a commented presentation on the most interesting apple varieties. Next, Stefano Musacchi, guest expert from Washington State University, spoke about the Geneva series rootstocks in the state of Washington.

Regarding the new tools for flower and fruit thinning, Luis González, expert from IRTA, together with others, Glòria Àvila and Adriana Escudero, spoke about which are the ideal Golden and Gala apples for the consumer and how to get them, as well as several tools to control the bernat marbrejat (Halyomorpha halys) in apple trees, respectively.

To close the day, Jordi Cabrefiga from IRTA, presented several strategies to deal with flecking, alternate and glomerella.

About a hundred people interested in apple growing gathered at this event to continue working on a sustainable and quality apple production.

Golden, one of the most appreciated apples by consumers

According to the Report on Food Consumption in Spain 2022 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), apples are one of the most consumed fresh fruits in Spain, ranking among the five major apple-producing countries in the EU-27. As for Catalan production, most of the total production of table apples is produced in Catalonia, with Lleida and Girona being the main production regions, followed by Tarragona and Barcelona (MAPA, 2023).

As for the Golden, it is one of the most cultivated varieties worldwide, due to its quality characteristics and its ability to adapt to any kind of soil, as well as its good cold storage.

The Golden is a smooth-skinned, greenish-yellow apple with a slight golden hue, round in shape and medium to large in size. Its texture is crunchy, juicy and smooth, and its flesh is white and consistent. It is characterized by a high sugar content and low acid content, and is very aromatic. Its optimum harvest time is in early September, and it can be found throughout the year, since it stands out for its good preservation.


Golden is one of the varieties that Giropoma produces and markets under the umbrella of the Protected Geographical Indication Poma de Girona, a seal of international recognition, product differentiation, evidence of quality and link to the territory.

It is an ideal apple to eat fresh, to make juices and cakes or to add to salads, and it is also a very good choice for baking.