Frui3CAT New varieties of fruit resistant to pests and diseases and of high sensory quality

GIROPOMA COSTA BRAVA S.L. participates in the Fruit3CAT project (file COMRDI16-0036), focused to obtain new varieties of fruit (apple, pear and peach) resistant to pests and diseases of high economic impact in the fruit production areas of Catalonia, of high sensory quality for consumers and more adapted to the foreseeable conditions due to climate change with high temperatures.

This project seeks to reduce production costs by having highly productive and adapted varieties.

Minimisation of the use of plant protection products and the possibility of maintaining viable farms despite the presence of pathogens.

Improving competitiveness by having fruits of high sensory quality and good storage capacity.

This project has been co-financed by the European Union Fund for Regional Development within the framework of the Operational Program FEDER of Catalonia 2014-2020.

Fresnack: healthy fruit snack

Giropoma Costa Brava S.L, together with Girona Fruits SCCL, Actel SCCL and Frit Ravich SL, and with the participation of IRTA as an external collaborator, is working on the creation of a healthy Snack of fresh fruit (apple, pear and peach) using a technologically innovative process in terms of fruit drying.

This collaboration has been set up within the framework of the financial support by the Operational Groups from the European Association for Innovation (AEI) in agricultural productivity and sustainability, funded by the FEADER fund and the Departament d’Agricultura Ramaderia i Pesca (ARP/96/2016 of 27th of April)

Giropoma Costa Brava S.L is a beneficiary member of the project and contributes with the apple variety Golden Delicious which is especially recognized for its production and quality, being a well-known variety within the IGP of Poma de Girona.

At the same time, we also actively participate in project monitoring meetings which are held periodically, and in the decision-making based on the sensory properties of the product obtained both with our apple (Golden Delicious) and with the rest of the varieties tested. Giropoma Costa Brava S.L. will carry out different dissemination actions to publicise the main results obtained in this innovation project.