The organic production and marketing line, the Giropoma’s new commitment

Recently, Giropoma has opted for a new line of production and marketing, the organic apple, identified as GiroBio. Organic production uses biological control of pests and diseases, and favors biodiversity in plantations, with the aim of obtaining high quality products that respect the environment and human health.

This new channel has been the result of market demand and the company’s customers, who have detected the need to satisfy a segment of the population highly sensitized and aware of organic products.

In 2016, Giropoma started working on organic production in an experimental farm, with varieties of commercial interest and other varieties adapted to organic cultivation. From these, the most interesting ones for organic production were selected, from which commercial farm planting began in 2018. Years later, at the beginning of this 2023, the commercialization of this new organic line has started.

To access this market, the company has been certified by the Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE), the organic certification that guarantees that the products have been produced or elaborated following the rules of organic agriculture, and that they have been controlled throughout their production, processing, packaging and marketing process.

Giropoma is currently distributing this organic line in national supermarkets, with the aim of consolidating this new channel, combining it with conventional production, which follows the principles of integrated production. For the company, future expectations are foreseen to be successful thanks to the youth of the apple trees located in the farms of the partner-producers.

Giropoma’s integrated production guarantees a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture

All apple trees of Giropoma’s producer-partners are grown following the principles of integrated production. We understand this type of production as an agricultural production model of high quality food that uses natural methods and means of regulation, respectful with the environment and human health, guaranteeing a sustainable agriculture in the long term.

Currently, in Catalonia, 38.451,51 hectares are under integrated production, of which 3.095,80 are in Girona, according to the statistics of integrated production in Catalonia in 2022, published by the Catalan Council of Integrated Production, the entity that works to ensure an integrated production model of quality through methods that respect human health and the environment in Catalonia.

Regarding seed fruit, we detected 5.772,17, of which 2.387,87 are in Girona, positioning it as the second demarcation, after Lleida, with more hectares of seed fruit cultivation produced following the principles of integrated production.

Regarding apple trees, 3.440,43 hectares are destined to this agricultural system, of which 2.384,71 are produced in the Girona area and 1.055,72 in the Lleida area.

In Giropoma, we are certified by the Catalan Council of Integrated Production and, therefore, all our products follow the technical standards and regulations in force that regulate this agricultural production.

220926_Giropoma_Producció Integrada_IMG2

The ladybug is the logo that identifies the products of integrated production, certified by the Catalan Council of Integrated Production and is for the exclusive use of producer operators.

One of our main objectives is to obtain high quality products, as well as to guarantee the health of the producer and consumer. Our commitment is to prioritize biological control methods, reducing the use of chemical products; to favor biodiversity in the field to face possible pests; to minimize water consumption through specific irrigation systems; to guarantee traceability from the field to the client or consumer and to reduce waste.

At Giropoma we work to offer good products, always following the values that define us: the defense of the territory, respect for the environment, proximity, commitment and commitment to people.